Top 17 Small Profitable Business Ideas That’ll 100% Make You Richer

Discover some top 17 small profitable business ideas you can start today even if you do not have any capital and make good money.

Are you looking for a business idea?

There’s no end to the available information online for you. 

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Try a simple Google search for “business ideas”.

And you’ll get over 50 million results.

There are numerous blogs, articles, and videos.

All giving you advice on what you can do. 

Here’s the deal though.

To be successful in any of the business ideas that are advised.

You need to make sure that the idea is profitable.

And it’s something that you care about. 

You have to analyze how profitable a business idea will be.

Small Profitable Business Ideas

Take into consideration your current location, personal disposition.

And other unique factors that can affect the business. 

Secondly, you have to determine if you like that line of business

There’s no way you’ll succeed doing something that you don’t like.

Or have a flair for. 

For instance, if you don’t like animals.

And you start a dog-walking or animal babysitting service.

You’ll probably be out of business pretty soon. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some possible business ideas. 

Consider each one carefully.

And look at the one(s) that you think would be a good fit.

Table of Contents:

Top 17 Small Profitable Business Ideas That’ll 100% Make You Richer

  1. Become A Sales Copywriter 
  2. Become An Online Teacher 
  3. Become A Consultant (with your expertise) 
  4. Become A Personal Trainer
  5. Become A Freelance Bookkeeper 
  6. Become A Travel Agent 
  7. Become A Web Developer 
  8. Become A Renter 
  9. Become A Real Estate Broker 
  10. Become A Legal Advisor 
  11. Become A Back Massager 
  12. Become A Language Translator 
  13. Become A Dog Walker 
  14. Become An IT Support Specialist 
  15. Become A Catering Service Provider 
  16. Become An Online Marketer 
  17. Become A Property Maintenance Manager 

So, without any further ado.

Let’s look at 17 profitable small business ideas that you can start today.

#1 Become a Sales Copywriter

Copywriting has always been a valuable skill in the market.

In recent times, it has evolved into a viable small profitable business. 

As the use of the internet has spread widely.

There has been an increasing demand for quality web copy. 

Professional copywriters are needed by companies and brands of all sizes.

To create advertising and marketing materials. 

Required services include web copy, ads for social media, blog posts, and even emails. 

There’s also another advantage of copywriting as one of small profitable business ideas.

You don’t necessarily need a formal education in copywriting to start the business. 

You can join the industry easily.

Even if you don’t have any previous experience in creating content. 

You can also work as a freelancer from home.

Thus eliminating the need for commercial space. 

The demand for good writers is high.

So, if you are good, you’ll not have any challenges in getting clients.

#2 Become an Online Teacher

Small Profitable Business

This business idea is quite similar to blogging.

But it involves you directly monetizing your skills and content.

Instead of waiting for ads or affiliate marketing

You can do this in several ways.

But the entire business idea is about having a platform.

Where you teach a willing and paying audience.

You teach anything that you know quite well. 

One advantage of this is that you can literally teach anything.

As long as you know the subject.

And you can get a willing audience to pay for it. 

How do you go about it? 

  • You can tutor pupils or college students online or offline.
  • Create an online course that people can pay for and consume. 
  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Or, eventually, become a consultant in your area of expertise. 

We’ve put together several guides that can help you as an online teacher.

If you want to make this one of your small profitable business ideas, you may start here Teach Online Classes From Home: 7 Step Guide To Online Teaching

#3 Become a Consultant (With Your Expertise) 

Being a consultant is another great small profitable business ideas to start. 

There are many businesses and busy individuals.

With problems that need specialized expertise to advise. 

As a consultant, you will be helping multiple companies.

To solve a variety of problems. 

You can set up a consultancy business in any way that you wish. 

You may run it either online, offline, or both. 

The better you are at it, the more clients you’ll get.

And if you are outstanding.

Your existing clients will have no problems referring you to other businesses.

This leads to a steady stream of clients. 

Another idea is to combine your expertise with teaching. 

You can start by holding teachings, seminars, or workshops.

 For the staff of the business that you’re consulting for.

#4 Become a Personal Trainer

For the last few decades, there has been an increase in demand.

For personal fitness instructors and trainees. 

This is especially true now that boutique gyms have become extremely popular. 

As a personal trainer, you can function in a self-owned personal gym.

Where your clients pay a fee to join in.

Or you can come under the umbrella of a larger gym on a contractor basis

Getting started is relatively easy.

You only need to take a certification exam.

To qualify to work in that field. 

That’s what makes this among the small profitable business ideas to consider.

Of course, you need to be reasonably fit yourself.

And be passionate about fitness and championing a healthy lifestyle.

#5 Become a Freelance Bookkeeper

Small Profitable Business Ideas

Accounting is one service that almost every business will need. 

Thus, services in this space are in high demand. 

By working as a freelance bookkeeper.

You enjoy all the benefits of monetizing your skills.

Without the added costs that come with running a conventional business. 

You don’t need to have overhead costs.

Except maybe for software and electronics. 

And as a freelance bookkeeper. 

Your clients can come from any corner of the globe.

Which makes it more advantageous for you.

However, to be successful at this.

You have to have a high level of education. 

At a minimum, you need to have an undergrad degree or CPA training. 

Some jobs will require an advanced skill set.

These may include an IRA enrolled agent certification or a CPA license.

#6 Become a Travel Agent

While it is easier than ever to book a holiday from anywhere in the world.

Several people still struggle with planning out their vacations.

Or overseas trips. 

This can be due, in part, to various factors that need to be compared. 

From flights to hotels, restaurants, car rentals, and other elements of the trip.

It can be a real hassle. 

If you possess strong organizational skills.

You can work as a travel agent. 

You can offer your services to find good deals and plan a holiday or trip.

To those that do not have the time on their hands.

After that, it’s merely a matter of adding a surcharge to your services.

And you’ll make a profit.

#7 Become a Web Developer

Everybody is going online.

Not just big businesses and companies.

Even individuals are creating personal websites.

And that opens a gap for you to exploit and make money from. 

You can learn quite easily from courses online.

On how to create websites in detail. 

You should specialize in aspects of web creation that are in high demand.

These include setting up a shopping cart system, handling security concerns, etc

Once you gather enough skills, you can freelance with it. 

To be effective with this small profitable business ideas.

Learn about the atmosphere of every company that you will be designing for.

That way, you create the best possible design for them.

#8 Become a Renter

Do you have a room that is private, furnished and you don’t use?

If you do, you could turn it into a small profitable business idea.

Let’s say you live near a place with tourist attractions.

You can rent out the space for tourists.

Or people that just want a quiet week or weekend.

The room can also be on your business premises.

That means you can rent it for business purposes.

If you can rent out space for say $150 a night.

On Fridays and Saturdays.

For 48 weeks in a year.

That’s a whole $14,400 in revenue

#9 Become a Real Estate Broker

Real estate still has one of the highest profit margins for small businesses. 

One cost-effective way of entering the industry is becoming a real estate broker. 

As a broker, you’ll act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers

To start, you’ll need to get a brokerage license. 

The major challenge, however, will be finding your own clients. 

 #10 Become a Legal Advisor

If you have considerable legal knowledge (and, no, I’m not talking about watching How to Get Away with Murder).

I’m talking about someone with real legal training.

And with the necessary qualifications and licenses.

You can monetize your expertise.

Tangible experience in representing clients will also come in handy.

#11 Become a Back Massager

More people are experiencing back pain every day. 

This is probably due to people remaining in sedentary positions all day. 

According to Keywords Everywhere, there are more than 240,000 searches every month for “back pain,” and many of the supplementary keywords involve words like causes, remedy, and relief. 

This shows that there is a huge market for solving the problem of back pain. 

You can do this by selling back massagers.

Or giving back massages yourself. 

#12  Become A Language Translator

The world is becoming more connected.

As a result, businesses are beginning to offer services in foreign countries. 

This brings on the challenge of language barriers. 

Become a language translator today.

And you help businesses.

Or anyone that wants to communicate with their audience in another language. 

There is already a huge market for this.

Google Translate is already getting more than 270 million searches worldwide. 

Of course, you need to be quite proficient with two or more languages.

For you to do translations accurately.

 #13 Become a Dog Walker

Small profitable business ideas that revolve around pets tend to be quite popular. 

The pet industry is estimated to be worth an incredible $72 billion. 

Quite astounding.

Dogs are called man’s best friend.

Consequently, the dog niche is a great field that you can tap into. 

You can make money by offering a dog walking service.

For those that are too busy to walk their dogs. 

Plus, you can walk more than one dog at a time.

Earning extra cash.

#14 Become an IT Support Specialist

Daily, more businesses are becoming reliant on IT.

To streamline their business processes. 

Thus, if you have IT support skills, you will be highly sought-after. 

You can charge quite a decent amount as a quality IT support technician.

One of those small profitable business ideas that don’t require a lot of overhead to run. 

However, the market is quite competitive.

You will need to market your services quite well.

#15 Become a Catering Service Provider

You typically don’t need to invest a lot before you start a catering business. 

All you need is a kitchen and suitable kitchen equipment.

Of course, have some recipes for mouth-watering food. 

You can even start by operating from home and then expand as you grow. 

If you can be well organized and can provide transportation.

You’re good to go. 

Maintain a high level of cleanliness and service. 

And you’ll get high paying clients and repeat orders.

#16 Become an Online Marketer

Small Profitable Business Ideas

If there’s one thing every business needs, it’s more customers. 

And marketers make that possible. 

Marketers help businesses and brands.

To reach those that need their services or products.

And turn them into customers. 

With the rise of online marketing, there is a wide space for marketing experts. 

Whether it’s with email marketing, SEO, copywriting, or social media management.

There’s always a space for you. 

Of course, you actually have to get the required skills.

But you can easily do it via online courses. 

Google, for instance, has a free 40-hour online course to get you started with Digital Marketing.

Then, you can specialize from there.

#17 Become a Property Maintenance Manager

If you are good at working with your hands.

You can multitask and are not afraid of getting a little dirty.

This could be a good choice for you. 

As the population keeps growing.

There will always be a need for people that can fix plumbing problems, paint fences, replace faulty doors, clean pools, and gutters, etc. 

The hourly rate for these kinds of jobs is not necessarily high.

But craft skills are among the leading small profitable business ideas. 

Especially if you are around areas where your skills are in high demand.

Such as apartment complexes and rentals.

Wrap Up

So, there it is 17 profitable small business ideas that you can start almost immediately. 

And here’s a pro tip, you can actually combine multiple ways

Small Profitable Business Ideas

For example, if you offer legal services.

You can also tutor people online on some general legal terminologies and cases. 

You can be a personal trainer.

And consult for a team of athletes or a fitness club,

While running a paid online fitness training class. 

Literally, your imagination is the only limit

So go out there and start making money already!