TOP 20+ Business Ideas For Creatives

Learn about the 20+ business ideas for creatives and how you can implement the small business ideas for creatives using the skills and tools you possess.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

Do you want to be the new leading entrepreneur in the future?

If you ever thought of nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit, you are in for a big treat today.

This is because you are going to find various ideas about starting your very own new business here.

Simple, pocket-friendly ideas for the creative mind you are.

So let’s start your journey together!

Teach Your Art

You can excel in the business domain by teaching what you already master!

Whether it is writing, blogging, sewing, crafts making, or any other artsy skill that you’re an expert in, you can make money from it by expanding it through a proper channel. 

Read below to find out! 

1. Writing 

business ideas for creatives

Have you ever had any experience of walking into a room full of students and asking them what they would want to be?

Or even what skills they want to develop? 

If you never had such experience, let us tell you that there would be a good ratio of young learners who would tell you that they want to be a writer. 

If not, they would tell you that they want to develop and polish ‘writing’ as their main skill.

There are many reasons why they desire this skill, especially when their whole education career depends upon this skill.

Believe us, there are so many people out there who urge you to learn this skill.

For instance, people of age learn to write their life experiences down, so they can sell their books.

There are thousands of people who earn money in their middle or old age this way.

Writing skill is needed everywhere; in offices, schools, colleges, universities, or for your pleasure.

So, if you know this skill, teach it to others, and create a business out of it.

You will find so many candidates who would love to learn this skill!

2. Offer sewing lessons

business ideas for creatives

Do you love to sew or did you attend a school for this?

Whatever the case is, consider having it as your own business.


This is because there are many people out there who can’t afford expensive brands and they wish they could sew themselves a cute pink dress, a petite mini skirt, or even a silk blouse they saw the other day at Gucci.

Some so many people want to become a fashion designer someday and they are searching for someone who could teach them where to start from.

They want to be the next fashion icon and desire to play with fabrics and colors.

There are so many reasons, you just have to find your own to start it as your brand new business.

Lead your army into the fashion world!

3. Vlogging

business ideas for creatives

Who does not want to make money and be famous at the same time?

Almost everyone, yes everyone!

This is a world of internet and social media, there’s not a single person who does not use social media in one way or another.

Everyone wants to be known and if you know a thing or two about it, which can create a hell of a change in anyone’s life, DO TELL THEM!

This is a golden opportunity for you to start a creative business of your own.

Either by being a Vlogger yourself or come up with a great short course which can make people learn great things about being a vlogger.

Every teenager, every bored housewife, or that every person who wants to be known and loves to talk to people are craving for a ray of hope which will teach them how to step into this wide world of social media.

You have to teach them the rules of vlogging, following are a few which may help :

  • Be honest
  • Be creative
  • Learn to value your content
  • Learn to truly value yourself
  • Believe in their self

Tell them all the secrets you know and be a leading figure for all of the people out there.

4. Offer Music Lessons

business ideas for creatives

Who doesn’t love music today? Who doesn’t love to hold a guitar?

If you love your music or if you know how to have fun with a guitar or a piano, this is your chance to build a business out of it.

Whichever instrument you play, either a violin or a flute, you can make a business out of it.

5. Teach Your Skill To People 

Offer them music classes and give yourself a chance to be known to people.

We bet that all of them will be after you once you decide firmly to create a business out of it.

Teach others, let them follow you, and learn from you.

There is not a single wrong thing to make money out of the best skill you have.

Just have confidence in yourself and start your journey.

Once you have started your business, online or in-person classes, people will start joining them, just have patience and self-confidence.

6. Teach Others To Make Crafts

business ideas for creatives

If you know the crafts, you are very lucky because you are natural and you can earn so much money from it.

There are so many channels now through which people teach different types of crafts online.

These channels have millions of followers and their videos also have millions of views.

If you are still confused about it, we would advise you to go online and search for yourself. 

You will come across several crafty channels and millions of videos.

Just pick any category of crafts and start from that point.

By the time you will reach your 9th or 10th video, you will be sure what else you can make and how you will teach it.

If you love face-to-face interaction, start your classes anywhere you like.

Use the basement of your house or even the backyard.

It’s just that easy, trust us.

7. Gardening

Your neighbors, your friends, and your siblings have always been appreciating you for your green thumb, right?

This is the very moment you should realize that you could start teaching it and make money. 

Even if you do not want to personally help everyone in their gardens, then starting a garden center is the best idea for you.

We bet that, if you do it right then opening a garden center will get you on your path to a secure financial future.

Your passion for plants, their growth, and knowledge about a well-structured greenhouse will get you to your dreams.

Because garden center startups mean the use of the right amount of space and acreage.

Just go for it, we know you can do it.

8. Interior Décor And Design

business ideas for creatives

There are so many people we come across on social media who start their story by telling people about their house makeover. 

How does this feel to you?

It seems pretty awesome to us because it simply means that people are in dire need of help.

They want people to redecorate their houses on a specific budget because they cannot afford expensive interior designers.

If you have a degree or diploma in interior design, this is your shining moment.

Just go for it, trust in yourself.

Start by uploading some sample pictures on social media and attract people with it.

Then you’re good to go.

Sell Your Art 

All of the business opportunities we mentioned above are the best chances to teach your art, to sell your skill.

Now let’s get to selling your art. 

Pro Tip: don’t be shy and have a tone of self-confidence.

1. Start A Freelance Writing Business 

business ideas for creatives

There are various freelancing websites which anyone can always avail, like Upwork or Fiverr.

If you have the skill, whether it’s writing, designing, or anything, believe us, you can be a well-paid freelancer.

Be confident and convert your skill into a handsomely paying business.

2. Become A Freelance Proofreader And Editor

business ideas for creatives

Do you know that there are so many people who work as freelancer editors and proofreaders? 

If not, let us tell you that they make a good amount of money.

If you have a good grip on grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, do not waste your skill. 

Put it to good use, especially if you have a degree in English, it will be counted as your bonus point.

But do not worry because there are many other jobs posted online who want someone to proofread and edit their French, Spanish or German documents too.

3. Offer Graphic Design Services

business ideas for creatives

Graphic designers have artistic minds who offer to maintain aesthetic ways in which a business runs and if you have one, do not linger on further, just give yourself a chance.

In the graphic design business, various of your markets will be approached by organizational clients.

The clients are charged at a fixed hourly fee or an hourly rate. 

Ongoing projects can be subjected to a monthly payment. 

According to experts, a successful graphic design studio should make a profit of not less than 15%, whereas the ideal rate is 50% or higher. 

Profit depends upon the charged rate minus the cost of a project.

4. Start A Web Design Business

business ideas for creatives

Being a web-designer means thousand of dollars from each of your well-performed jobs.

Now, what can you do as a web designer?

It’s simple, you can either design a whole website, redesign it, or update some pages of a website or you can also continue the maintenance of websites your clients will ask you to.

It is also a creative job that asks for perseverance.

5. Product Package Designs

business ideas for creatives

Now when you are standing at an aisle in the market place and you have to choose between things, what things do you pick first?

The things with vibrant colors, pictures and big writings on them shouting ‘pick me’.

Product owners put a great emphasis on having great packages because these packages then have a huge impact on the sale of that product. 

So these owners spend a lot of money on the design of their packages.

And you can have all of this money if you have good creative ideas and tricks up your sleeve.

6. Open An Etsy Store And Sell Your Crafts

business ideas for creatives

There are a few people on earth who are so good with their hands, they come up with new things and ideas every day, they prefer making things on their own and then sell them online.

If you are one of them, just open your Etsy store and sell your creativity.

These creative things do not always have to be difficult, you can make bows, you can embroider or crochet, hand-knitted sweaters, scarfs, tools, or anything you’re good at.

7. Screenwriting Services

business ideas for creatives

If you love big-screen movies and writing, then this business is for you.

Then you probably also know how these movies have to appear on the big screens and how they are written down.

You ought to know your audience, then come up with the twists and plots they want.

Now it’s totally up to you whether you come up with a new story or take your hint from old classic tales.

Consider that it’s your turn to shine now.

8. Create Books For Young Adults

business ideas for creatives

Young adult books mean some good moral stories for adolescents.

There are two most important things which you cannot ignore in this work: a great love for literature and content well-suited for teenagers.

They should be able to appreciate the unusual story characters and stay interested in the events of the story.

Creating a probing story structure that activates their imaginations is the goal.

9. Creating Children Books

business ideas for creatives

Children’s storybooks include easy wordings with great stories and illustrations.

You have to write according to the creativity of their imaginations and cognitive capacities.

There are so many publishing houses that offer jobs and contracts for storybook authors and there is a good chance for you to make money in this job.

10. Photography

business ideas for creatives

Haven’t we all heard of so many people who became good and famous photographers by chance?

Yes, we have!

But, they became famous because they were skilled and talented and if you are also a good photographer then start thinking about running your small business towards a brighter future.

You have the gear, you have the skill, then what are you waiting for?

Take a start by posting some of your best clicks online.

Having a certificate in the respected field always counts as a bonus.

11. Enamel pins

business ideas for creatives

Making & selling enamel pins is the new trend getting hype these days.

It’s spreading everywhere

There are so many n fashion brands that are creating these pins now and selling at stores.

There are even its tutorials posted online for people who feel interested in this fashion, go take a look and make these enamel pins to sell.

12. Run A Theater

business ideas for creatives

Running a theatre business is not easy and it does not generate revenue quickly. 

Theatre companies tend to generate revenue through ticket sales, grants, and donations.

Your love for theatre is essential to growing and needs to stay active for this business.

It takes a lot of hardwork and strategies.

To run a business is to keep your company financially stable. 

The National Endowment for the Arts researched & found that most theatres usually bring in between $800,000 and $1 million annually.

This revenue includes all funding sources.

13. Start A Blog

On Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook how many bloggers are you following?

Because whatever issues or queries you have, ranging from general topics to personal problems, we know you like to hear from these bloggers.

That is how they generate money.

You follow them and they care about your queries.

If you are good with your advice and you love to talk to people and spread love, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Start your blog and have patience, getting a good number of followers will take time but it is worth it.

14. Greeting Cards And Invitations

business ideas for creatives

You won’t believe how many jobs are posted online for making original greeting cards and writing genuine wishes and invitations for people.

People are obviously now bored with seeing old and copy pasted wishes and greeting card designs, they want something new.

They need something genuine and fresh.

You can hence create your business with your creativity and make heaps from it. 

So, if you are interested in it and you are good with your creativity and subtle words, this job is definitely for you.


So these were the 20+ job opportunities that you can avail with the skill you have.

We hope you found this article helpful.

All the best for your new business!

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