6 Powerful Guidelines For Making Video Tutorials

making video tutorial

Learn about the basic steps to make a video tutorial, including how to plan your video tutorial and edit it just like a professional. So you have finally decided to make that online tutorial video, congratulations! Now, how do you get started? Online tutorial videos are steadily becoming one of the most valuable types of … Read more

Why Won’t My Video Upload To YouTube?

Find out the various reasons why won’t my video upload to YouTube and learn about the possible solutions to overcome YouTube upload problems. Are you trying to upload your video to YouTube without success?  Don’t worry!  It’s happened before to other YouTubers as well.  Luckily, today we’ll unravel this mystery and arm you with infallible … Read more

How To Be Productive On YouTube

How To Be Productive On YouTube

Discover how to be productive on YouTube and 11 helpful tips to help you stay productive as a YouTuber so that you can grow your channel. As a YouTuber, growing your career is a big deal, especially if you are looking at going long-term with what you do.  This is not very easy when you … Read more

Get 50,000 Video Views on YouTube With These 3 Easy Hacks

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Discover how you can get 50,000 video views on YouTube with these 3 easy hacks and 2 bonus tricks to set yourself up for virality on YouTube. YouTube is quite an amazing social network with video content.  On YouTube, in a matter of minutes, you can learn how to do something even without stepping out … Read more

YouTube Monetization Changes In 2022

YouTube Keyword Research

Learn about the new YouTube policies and the YouTube monetization changes and learn how you can adapt to these changes as a YouTuber. As a YouTuber, you know by now that staying in the game and making the most out of your career requires knowing the rules and the policies that can make your business … Read more

10 Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel With Facebook

How To Be Productive On YouTube

Discover 10 tips that can help to grow your YouTube channel with your Facebook and learn how to apply these tips to make your subscribers grow on YouTube. Did you know that according to YouTube, more than 500 years’ worth of YouTube video content is watched on Facebook every single day and guess the best … Read more

YouTube On Website: How To Embed YouTube Channel On Your Website

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Learn how to embed a YouTube channel to your website, including WordPress. Also, discover the benefits of embedding your YouTube channel. YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website. It enables users to upload, view, and share videos of all types including music videos, news clips, TV show episodes, and feature films. However, one thing … Read more

How To See Disabled Comments On YouTube

How To See Disabled Comments On YouTube

Learn how to see disabled comments on YouTube videos, some reasons behind disabled comments, and discover how to change settings to view the comments. For YouTubers who are serious about growing their channel and making their brand profitable, you know by now that there are certain tricks and strategies that you have to apply and … Read more

What Is Considered Fair Use On YouTube?

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Learn about the concept of fair use on YouTube and what rules you should follow to avoid copyrighting and its consequences. If you are a YouTuber and one who takes your career as a video content creator on the YouTube platform seriously, you will find that you are familiar with some terminologies on the platform … Read more

How To Loop A Video On YouTube

YouTube Shorts

Learn how to loop a video on YouTube, both on your desktop and on your mobile. Also, discover some tips and tricks for looping! YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide who tune into YouTube every day to watch their favorite videos. But what if you really, really like a video? What if you … Read more

How Many Videos Do You Need To Get Noticed On YouTube?

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Learn about the seven different ways that can help you get noticed on YouTube and earn you some massive views and subscribers for your YouTube channel. If you are a YouTuber with big plans for your career and channel, chances are, you’ve been asking questions, especially if you are just starting. Getting noticed on YouTube … Read more

Time Management Tips For YouTube Creators

Time Management Tips

Discover the top 10 time management tips for YouTubers and discover how to manage time on YouTube tasks to create the balance you wanted in life. Being a content creator on YouTube is not so simple after all.  You build your entire life around this and yet, it still feels like you do not have … Read more

How To Increase Click-Through Rate On YouTube

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Learn about YouTube Click-Through Rates and how it affects your channel performance and discover 9 tips on how to increase click-through rate on YouTube. If you are a YouTube video content creator looking to increase your click-through rate on your videos, then this article was written for you. It can be frustrating when you expend … Read more

15 Best YouTube Tips For Beginners Who Are Just Starting Out

YouTube Tips

Start and grow your online presence with these 15 Best YouTube tips for beginners who are just starting out or want to improve their video creation skills. To become a successful YouTuber, you need to follow some basic guidelines. These involve knowing the differences between what works and what doesn’t. It will also be necessary … Read more

Are YouTubers Rich?

Are YouTubers Rich?

Are YouTubers rich? Discover how much money video creators are making from YouTube and ways you can make good money from YouTube. Youtube is the real deal, making millionaires every day from simple, daring, and creative videos. YouTube’s brilliance lies in the simplicity of making, uploading, and sharing videos on the platform.  The fact that … Read more

What Should You Make Your First YouTube Video About

Learn how to create your first Youtube video and 15 ideas for your videos even if you’re just starting out as a Youtuber Table of Content: What Should You Make Your First YouTube Video About? Introducing Yourself Explaining a concept in your niche Starting a series of videos that solves a really big problem Starting … Read more

How Much Does YouTube Pay?

How Much Does YouTube Pay?

Find out how much does YouTube pay, how much money do you make per 100 views, and learn about the methods through which you can boost YouTube earnings. By now, you already know about people making money from YouTube, but you probably don’t know why and how. Here’s the catch, YouTube has a huge global … Read more