What Does The Life Of A Youtuber Look Like?

Find out how the life of a YouTuber looks like, what it takes to build a YouTuber career, and the questions you must answer before becoming a YouTuber.

Don’t you just envy the life of PewDiePie or SSSniperWolf and many more YouTubers? 

The luxurious houses, the swimming pools – all that glam! 

Yup, we absolutely love it! 

And we are sure you do too! 

Being a YouTuber can be a very rewarding career, it opens great opportunities for you and you can make good money out of it. But the life of a YouTuber involves hard work, you’ll be sharing a part of your personality with thousands of people across the globe and this may come with criticism. 

Life of a YouTuber

So, if you are interested in becoming a YouTuber, you definitely want to know how life will look like for you. 

So let’s dive into the life of a YouTuber and fill you in with the details!

What Can You Get Out Of Youtube?

Now, this seems to be the question every person asks themselves before starting any career: what can they get out of it? 

The same goes for those thinking of a career as a YouTuber. 

YouTube can be rewarding beyond your imagination! 

The flashy life is a promising reward, that’s for sure, but there is so much more! 

The feedback you get from your viewers is a treasure to cherish. 

Sure, exposing your life to strangers can be a little weird at first.

But once you get the hang of it, the rewards it offers will make you want to do it again and again. 

Life of a YouTuber

In the beginning, maintaining a channel and earning subscribers can be tough.

But by following the right procedure.

You can turn your newly-born channel into one of the hottest YouTube channels in the world! 

The list of rewards that YouTube offers is long.

But to narrow it down, the biggest one is the feedback you get from your viewers. 

It keeps you open-minded to fresh ideas.

It also molds your perspectives according to the demands and requirements of your audience. 

Companies and organizations pay loads of money to analysts to get such insightful feedback. 

And the boost in confidence that you experience while facing the screen can seriously take you places! 

You cannot expect to earn some major greens in just a day or two.

But the new doors of opportunities that will open can promise you an escalating success! 

A Day In The Life Of A Youtuber

Life of a YouTuber is not all glitter and gold, that is for sure. 

The amount of hard work they have to invest can be a total turn off for some people. 

To be a YouTuber, you need to awaken your inner dedication.

It’ll require you to pour in all your capabilities that you want to highlight to the world. 

A YouTuber’s life is always on-the-go. 

Life of a YouTuber

They need to be prepared for their YouTube channel at all times. 

And by ‘prepare’ we do not mean preparing yourself for your weekly videos. 

A true YouTuber needs to chalk out a complete plan for a whole year. 

YouTubers are very vigilant in planning.

This way, they ensure all the videos they upload are consistent with their channel’s theme. 

Moreover, life as a YouTuber could be a complete one-man show. 

You might need to handle your scripts, your camera, your editing, your makeup, and many more tasks all by yourself!

Roughly, the average YouTuber spends around 12-14 hours per day finalizing all the details before uploading their video. 

Being a YouTuber is not only about looking good and filming yourself.

The time and effort that a YouTuber invests in editing those videos is the true grind. 

They learn all the software and computer programs.

They may also handle all the technicalities by themselves.

This can be very time consuming and tedious.

Then, they prepare the final product for their viewers. 

Their life is all about planning, planning, and more planning! 

Your life after you become a YouTuber can even be more complicated if you have to take care of your home, kids, and your spouse as well. 

Time management is a true problem for YouTubers. 

They need to do an even and equal distribution of time between their housework and YouTube.

In short, maintaining a YouTube channel is quite a hard job and if you just want to keep a channel as a hobby, then you might want to rethink that idea.

Being a YouTuber is extremely thrilling. 

A YouTuber needs to be on the clock 24/7, always vigilant and dynamic. 

Being lazy is not an option for them.

They have to keep the windows of their mind open at all times for new ideas. 

Sometimes they have to put in more than 60 hours per week to make their channel stable. 

YouTubers do not get successful overnight.

They also don’t get their subscribers’ count boosted up after a good night’s sleep. 

But they do not get disappointed by that trouble.

They know that they have made YouTube their best friend.

All their dedication needs to be directed towards their channel. 

They stay optimistic and determined throughout the journey of the growth of their channel.

 And only then bear the delicious fruit at the end. 

A YouTuber needs to keep up a happy face and a positive attitude at all times. 

Hate comments, subscribers’ downfall, empty YouTube bank – a YouTuber needs to react to all these rising tides with a constructive approach. 

They know that creating videos is more than just money for them, it’s their passion. 

They need to keep a clear image that they enjoy what they are doing.

This ideology helps them to grow their career as a YouTuber. 

If you are thinking of becoming a YouTuber for the sake of money, then that’s a big NO! 

You can only survive in the realm of YouTube if your passion lies there.

Though being a YouTuber can be frustrating and tiring at some point. 

Investing long hours in filming and not getting the desired results can be pretty draining. 

But one of the biggest perks of YouTube is its independence. 

YouTubers are their own boss. 

They do not have to worry about waking up at 8 in the morning or about sick leaves. 

Their home is their office and they are answerable to themselves only. 

But successful YouTubers never let this individuality be overlapped by lethargy. 

They know they have their viewers whom they are indirectly acquainted with.

So even with all the comfy work environment, they have a responsibility on their shoulders to entertain their audience.   

Can You Have A Good Life As A Youtuber?

Life of a YouTuber

This is the basic question most people ask before pursuing their career as a YouTuber.

Is it actually worth all the pain? 

You definitely cannot get famous in a blink of an eye.

So, is this YouTuber life going to be promising?

All these questions can really complicate your feelings and perplex your mind.

To help you, we have devised a simple strategy that will enable you to chalk out a suitable path for you. 

To decide whether becoming a YouTuber is something you truly want, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I handle the hate comments and negative attitude by some viewers on YouTube? 
  • Am I okay with sharing my life with thousands of strangers?  Is an open book kind of life acceptable to me?
  • Can I develop a positive attitude while handling criticism? Do I sense some frustration or anger when directed with criticism?
  • Do I have the time that a YouTube channel demands?
  • Can I master the art of a one-man show?

Make sure you get clear answers to these questions.

This will not just give you peace of mind.

It will also help you to decide whether you are mentally prepared and willing to give up your career for the sake of your YouTube passion. 

You need to be sure that your YouTube passion is not a one-day thing but it’s there to stay.

Many YouTubers face these questions confidently and hence show no hesitation in investing time and effort for their YouTube channel. 

While others discover that a career as a YouTuber might not be so promising for them.

So they do not muster up the courage to take YouTube seriously. 

Is It A Good Idea To Leave A Job To Become A Youtuber?

Life of a YouTuber

Once you discover your inner deep love for YouTube, you start questioning some major life decisions. 

One of the most important among them is your career. 

Without a doubt, being a YouTuber is a full-fledged 24/7 profession.

If you are not physically working you are mentally processing some YouTube ideas. 

So, is your passion for YouTube strong enough for you to take this risk?

We have chalked out some facts for you that can help you make a decision! 

It is no secret that the income from YouTube can be unsteady and fluctuating. 

It varies continuously. 

And if you are a newbie in the YouTubers community, you shouldn’t expect any greens for the first few months. 

Remember, do YouTube for your passion.

Not for the cash or you will never be satisfied with your career as a YouTuber.

Being a YouTuber requires a lot of time input. 

It can take you weeks and even months to create some valuable entertaining content for your viewers. 

So the question arises; do you have the stamina to invest so much time and creativity while expecting very less in return? 

When it comes to that matter, then quitting your stable job might become a regret in the future. 

Another thing you would want to dig into before making a decision is the YouTube market. 

Today, the competition on YouTube is tough. 

You will see thousands of people excelling with YouTube channels in the same niche as yours. 

Unique content becomes a pitch point in this scenario. 

So, what do you do with so much competition on the web?

You need to be sure that the video content you have planned is going to win the competition. 

Only then risking your job would be fruitful for your YouTube career. 

The crucial thing you might want to do before leaving your job for your YouTube passion is a reality check. 

Life today is expensive. 

Bills give us all a mini heart attack at least once a month. 

So you need to analyze your financial status and do a reality check. 

Will you be able to afford your passion before it starts bringing you some greens? 

Leaving your stable job is a very risky move.

You do not want it to become a regretful decision. 

So, if you have some cash saved up and are crystal clear about your passion.

Only then you should take the plunge of saying goodbye to your career. 

Follow your passion, we encourage you! 

Wrapping up

So, do you still want to become a YouTuber?

The journey is long and tiring with loads of pits and bumps.

But the destination is heaven! 

This is what the life of a YouTuber really looks like. 

But don’t be hasty in submitting your resignation just yet. 

Surf the waves of the sea before you get to the ocean.

Answer the important questions given above.

Check if you have some backup cash with you.

Savings that can sustain your lifestyle for a year or so without any limitations. 

Then, now you can make your decision.

So, how does becoming a YouTuber look like again?

The next time you see a YouTuber showing off their fancy pool or their new car.

Remember, there is a whole workaholic story behind it! 

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