YouTube On Website: How To Embed YouTube Channel On Your Website

Learn how to embed a YouTube channel to your website, including WordPress. Also, discover the benefits of embedding your YouTube channel.

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website. It enables users to upload, view, and share videos of all types including music videos, news clips, TV show episodes, and feature films. However, one thing that many people do not know is how to embed a YouTube channel on their website.

Embedding your YouTube channel to your website is extremely crucial for your business. Not only it benefits your channel growth but also summons a great amount of traffic to your YouTube channel!

This article will discuss what you need to do in order for your viewers to be able to watch your favorite YouTube channels without leaving your site! Let’s get started!

How To Embed YouTube Channel On Your Website?

Nowadays, embedding your YouTube channel is pretty easy. You don’t need to be a professional developer or have any technical knowledge about coding whatsoever!

With the rise of video content on websites, it’s more important than ever for business owners to have a presence there. You can increase your YouTube audience by embedding videos from social media platforms like Embed Feed into website pages! You can also embed a live stream or YouTube video on your website in just a few clicks.

You can embed your YouTube channel in two different ways on your website. Both are pretty simple but the method of doing so is different for each option. Let’s take a look at them:

Option 1: Manual Embedding

Go to the video you want to embed on YouTube. Then, click on the Share Button. Once the popup shows click on Embed – and click Copy to copy the embed code on your website. Once you paste this code on your website you’ll be able to see the video appearing on your website. To embed on a WordPress site click here

The steps for manually embedding a YouTube video onto your channel are given below:

Step # 1: Open Each Video

The first step is to open up the video that you want to embed into your website. Simply go to YouTube’s website and search for the video on your channel that you want to embed on your website and open on this video.

Step # 2: Click Share

Now that you have your video opened, simply click on the Share option which resembles a curved arrow. The share option will open up multiple options for you.

Step # 3: Click Embed

Once you click the Share option, a number of options will open up. Amongst these options, click on the one that says ‘Embed’. This option will enable you to embed that particular video on your website.

embed youtube channel manually

Step # 4: Copy the Code

Once you click on embed, another dialog box will open up. Notice the link present in the dialog box. This link is the code that you will need for the embedment of your video. Simply copy this link.

Step # 5: Paste the Code

Lastly, simply take the copied code to your website and paste it directly to any desired location on your website where it requires referencing with your video.

Repeat this process for each video you want to embed. Your YouTube channels will be displayed on a website page in the same layout as their own site! It’s really easy if experienced with web development–just make sure whatever design decisions are made match up nicely between here and there because otherwise, it could look confusing or out-of-place when people first load onto your site (or app).

Option 2: Automatic Embedding

Automatic Embedding is all about using a third-party tool or plugin that has direct integration with Google’s video platform. You can then sync the entire account so it appears automatically on all pages.

There are a variety of different tools and plugins that you can use for this such as Wistia, JW Player, Brightcove, and Flowplayer. Alternatively, some WordPress themes (like the ones offered by VideoPress) come with built-in integration so all you need to do is input your account credentials!

The one we will be discussing is EmbedFeed, a social media aggregator that has added YouTube API integration to its already impressive features.

With this permission, you are able to generate videos for your YouTube channel with only one line of code on a professional video feed that will display at any web address.

Once you set up an account on EmbedFeed, just simply follow the steps mentioned below for automatic embedding of your YouTube videos:

Step # 1: Log in to EmbedFeed

The first thing you want to do is to head over to EmbedFeed and log in with your credentials. Simply click on Log In once you have entered all your info.

Step # 2: Go To Sources

The next thing you should do when adding a new source is to click “ Sources” on the left-hand side menu and then select “Add Source” as shown below:

add source

Step # 3: Select YouTube

Once you click on the Sources option, a new window will pop up that will have all your social media networks. Search for YouTube amongst these options and then select YouTube as a source.

choose youtube source

Step 4: Choose YouTube Channel

Next up, once you have selected the source as YouTube, then the next thing you need to do is to choose a YouTube channel. Choose your own YouTube channel or the YouTube channel from which you want to embed videos.

Step # 5: Embed the Video

To have a YouTube channel, you need to copy and paste your URL into the box below. It’ll generate an embed code for sharing on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter where it can be seen by everyone who has access!

add youtube channel link Now there are two things that you can do over here; either copy and paste the home URL of your YouTube channel, or simply add the YouTube channel by the username of the channel. Both methods work in linking your YouTube channel with EmbedFeed.

Step # 6: Copy the Code

Once you have successfully imported the media, you will notice this message. Click ‘Create Widget’ to continue

Once you have created the widget into the system, it will give out a code (located at the top right corner as shown in the screenshot below)

embed yooutube channel code

Looks like you’re all set up with the YouTube Embed Code now. You just need to copy this code.

Step 7: Paste the Code

Paste the code into your website builder or HTML. You can also copy-and-paste it onto another page if you are using WordPress.

YouTube channels can be enhanced by taking some time in the design and layout of their feed. The settings panel offers customizable options for those looking to make changes before displaying them on your website or YouTube channel!

What Does Embedding YouTube Channel On A Website Mean?

Embedding YouTube Channel on a Website means that you can put all your videos in a channel and make them visible on other websites.

This will help you to increase the number of visitors to your website because it is very convenient when they do not have to leave their current site just to watch one video. You should also take into account that people like to watch videos, so this could be a good way to keep their attention on your website.

How Does Embedding YouTube Channel On A Website Work?

Embedding YouTube Channel On A Website works by you copying and pasting a code that is generated after you have added the YouTube channel as a source on EmbedFeed.

You need to paste the code into a website or blog and it will display your videos on that page. You can also include this in social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. if you want to share your videos with everyone!

Why Should You Embed A YouTube Channel On A Website?

There are many reasons why using Embedding YouTube Channel On A Website can be very beneficial for your website:

-It increases traffic because people who are watching videos on other websites may decide to visit yours as well.

-You can keep the attention of your visitors by providing them with interesting and entertaining content in the form of videos.

-The layout and design of your YouTube channel can be customized to match the design of your website, which will make it look more professional.

-Videos are a very popular type of content, so using them on your website can help you to attract more visitors.

What Are The Options Available In Embedding YouTube Channel On A Website?

The options available in Embedding YouTube Channel On A Website depend on the type of website builder or blog that you are using.

If you’re using a free service like Blogger then there’s only one option available – embedding your channel by copying and pasting code into HTML view. However, if you want to use other options such as adding videos to your website by embedding a YouTube channel on your website, then you will probably need to use some premium service like WordPress.

Videos are a very popular type of content, so using them on your website can help you to attract more visitors and build traffic! Make sure that the design matches perfectly with the rest of your web page in order for it to look more professional. You can also use the settings panel to change some of the options available before displaying them on your website or YouTube channel!

How To Embed A YouTube Channel Into WordPress?

If you are using a website builder like WordPress, then it will be very easy to add Embedding YouTube Channel On A Website because there is an option that allows you to do this through the video manager. You can do so by following the few steps mentioned below:

Step # 1: Log in to WordPress

To view your YouTube video feed on a WordPress website, log in and open the page where you want to display it.

Step # 2: Add HTML Block

Next up, select any area on the editor where you want to embed your YouTube channel. Click on the + icon to add an HTML block. You can also drag and drop in order to create your own custom design!

Step # 3: Paste the Code

Next up, click the “Custom HTML” button and paste this code in the input field.

Step # 4: Click Update

Once you are done with adding blocks and pasting the code, simply click on Update or Preview to view your embedment. You will see that your YouTube channel has been successfully embedded into your WordPress. embed youtube code in html

Note for using the Shortcode: If you want to use a shortcode, just follow the same steps, and instead of Custom HTML choose the Shortcode block where you can paste the provided shortcode (located just below the main javascript of your YouTube feed widget.

How To Embed A YouTube Channel On Another Website?

If you want to add an embed code of a YouTube channel on another website, then follow the steps below:

Step #1: Go to Dashboard

Go to your dashboard and select Videos from the left side menu. Click “Add New” Video Feed (bottom right corner) You will see that there are three different options available to you: Embed, Subscribe and Share.

Step # 2: Select Embed

Select the first option(Embed) from these three that are displayed on the top of your screen. You will see a small square box with code inside it appear just below Add Video Feed button in green background. Click this “share” link and then a pop-up box will appear.

Step # 3: Copy the Code

Copy the entire code from the text area and paste it into the HTML editor of your website or blog where you want to show your YouTube channel feed. Save your changes by clicking Publish or Update button!

You can also use this code if you want to embed a Channel on an iFrame on your website or blog.

If you are using other types of website builders, then the process might be a little different but it will essentially involve copying and pasting code into an HTML view or input field. As long as you can find this option, adding a YouTube channel to your website or blog should be easy!

Benefits Of Embedding Your YouTube Channel To Your Website

Now that we have covered a wide range of topics concerning YouTube channel embedment on a website, let’s get to the benefits. There are many benefits of embedding your YouTube channel to your website. Some of these benefits include:

– You can increase viewership on your videos because people who visit your website will be able to watch them without having to leave and go to YouTube. This also helps you to keep viewers on your website for longer periods of time!

– Increased traffic to your website from people who watch the videos!

– You can help boost your search engine rankings by having more content on your site. Having a YouTube channel embedded improves this effect even further, especially if you are embedding it with Playlists that have videos in them as well! 

-If you want to learn how to build traffic and rank your website higher in Google, then make sure to embed it on your YouTube channel to your blogs and other websites!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, a YouTube channel to your website is incredibly easy. In fact, you can add it on any platform that allows HTML editing and embedding! There are lots of ways in which you can do this as well, including adding a YouTube channel within the homepage header area or simply placing an iFrame around a video feed so viewers have to click through if they a YouTube channel to your website or blog is a great way for people who visit it to subscribe and watch even more of your videos. This also helps you grow an audience on the site itself, increasing viewership over time!

Adding a YouTube channel to your website or blog is a great way to increase the viewership of your videos to keep people engaged with your content. It can also help boost your search engine rankings, and provide you with more content for your website. If you are looking to learn more about how to improve your website or blog, be sure to check out our other blog posts and courses!

Hope you found this article helpful!

Thanks for reading!