13 Tips To Deal With The Negative Comments On YouTube

Learn about the 13 healthy tips that can help you to deal with the negative comments on YouTube and inspire you to focus on the good ones.

If you are a YouTuber, you probably know by now what it means to deal with annoying and negative comments on YouTube. 

Apart from how annoying this can be, it can also create a bad experience for you online as a YouTube creator.

Often, people can sum up assumptions about you or your business that are just not true, all because of some negative comments they find on your channel or video.

This article is not just to recognize the problem, but to show you ways to effectively deal with this problem to ensure you have a great experience as a YouTube creator.

Deal with the negative energy on YouTube by checking if it’s a legitimate concern, knowing the problem is not you, not responding, taking it as a learning opportunity, deleting the comment, turning commenting off, flagging the comment, creating a block word list, using the block option, using a moderator, and focusing on the positive comments. 

In this article, we will be sharing with you some useful tips to help you deal with the negative comments you find on YouTube.

Make sure you read to the end and try to apply everything you learn from here; this is the only way we can guarantee you getting results.

Let’s get started!

1. Check If It Is A Legitimate Concern

negative comments on youtube

This is a great place to begin because often, you can get worried over what a seeming concern, only to find out it’s nothing.

First, confirm if it is something you should be worried about. 

Many times, it could be an attention-seeking troll that you should probably just ignore, but there are times you cannot.

Trolls can lure you in with legitimate questions, so it’s hard to tell their true intentions until they reveal them.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, here are some things to do.

First, try to stay aloof, and unattached. 

Trolls feed on emotions.

Avoid any kind of emotional language. 

Make sure your responses are kept detached and factual. 

Respond pointedly and ask for more information from the troll. 

If the troll makes a false claim, then ask for evidence like you are interested in knowing more.

They mostly will have nothing to say or show, but some may try to make up something.

If they comment on how they do not like you or what you do, act like you find them funny or pretend you value the feedback and ask for further explanation.

Usually, they will lose interest and move on to someone else.

Don’t ever try to get a troll to apologize, they don’t. 

Instead, use them to create a public example of correction for others to watch before they leap into the same boat.

If you maintain a calm disposition all through, your tone will put off the troll, and being bored, they will leave you alone.

2. It’s NOT YOU, It’s Them

negative comments on youtube

Well, if you are wondering what you ever did to make trolls hate on you, it’s not yet certain exactly why. 

No one knows why these people exist or troll Vloggers, but one thing is certain, every YouTube vlogger receives a nasty visit from trolls now and then.

However, as much as you want to ignore them or not pay attention to them, it can become overwhelming.

This can make you wonder why you ever decided to put out your channel in the first place.

Here are some facts to help you understand that really, it is not you. IT’S THEM!

  • Haters and trolls have nothing better to do with their time
  • Some people get jealous naturally when others make progress
  • Some people will want you to fail for whatever odd reason

3. You Don’t Have To Respond To Haters

negative comments on youtube

You should know this: trolls are bored and are just looking for attention. 

When you respond by giving them your attention, they win.

You may feel you are being logical by proving to them that they are wrong, but the troll does not care. 

Trolls are simply unreasonable. 

All they want is attention and no matter your logic, they will keep being unreasonable.

Your outrage simply makes them delighted! 

And you do not want that. 

That would entertain them and keep them glued to you.

Besides, trolls do not care if they are wrong

To them, only their opinion counts and that’s all that matters. 

They may not even believe what they are saying to you, but they will say it anyway if it will make you mad.

To them, they are playing a game and they really cannot lose because they do not care. 

Just be careful not to bite the bait, because when you do, they stay. 

When you don’t, they just get bored and leave.

4. See Negative Comments As Opportunities

negative comments on youtube

It all depends on how you see it, but negative comments could be opportunities. 

You can find ideas for your next video content right in the comment section where you have negative comments.

How does this work? 

Well, in different ways, you can simply have a lightbulb moment where an idea just pops into your head and you get inspired on the next content to create, or you can simply take the comments that are negative on your video and turn them into something useful.

Something like a most frequently asked question can give you an idea for content in your next video.

That way, you can have more content in your arsenal and stay ahead of your game.

See? Negative comments are not so bad after all. 

Not if you can look well enough to spot the opportunities that may be hidden in them.

5. Delete The Comment

negative comments on youtube

You do not have to go through the mental task of dealing with the negative comments you find on your videos. 

There is something about seeing them and how they affect you.

If you leave them there, you will see them now and then, and after a while of absorbing that textually negative energy, you begin to doubt yourself and the value you are offering. 

It does something to yourself and brand perception, and this will tell in trickles on your subsequent content.

The quality and value will not be the same.

You must understand that just as there are people who love you and cheer you on, there are also people who come to YouTube to vent their frustrations and they find avenues to do so on your videos.

If you decide that the comment cannot be resolved amicably, then just do your peace of mind a favor and delete it. 

It’s quite simple; just click on the three dots next to the comment and select “remove” from the drown-down menu.

Good enough, deleting a comment deletes the entire thread with every reply to it.

So, go ahead, delete it and be at peace.

6. Turn Off The Commenting

negative comments on youtube

Putting on your comments can help with the promotion of your videos as it is an important factor for ranking.

However, it does not always have to be the case. 

You can switch off the notifications for comments and only visit the comment section when you want to check it out yourself.

Yes, simply turn off the comments on each of your videos and leave it as default, so that every time you get to upload a new video, the comments are automatically disabled by default.

That way, you do not have to deal with the onslaught of negative comments on your videos.

If you are facing a tough time with negative comments, this might be a great option to consider. 

Yes, turn off the commenting.

7. Flag The Comment

negative comments on youtube

You don’t have to fight trolls and haters alone. 

Thankfully, YouTube is aware that these people exist, so there are policies put in place to check their activities.

One of such ways is by flagging the comment of a troll.

When you feel like someone has violated the community guidelines, it is not out of place to flag their content.

You could categorize their comment as harassment, bullying, hate speech, or more.

What happens when a comment is flagged?

When a comment has been flagged, YouTube AI sends the comment for human review.

From there, the YouTube Policy and Enforcement team then previews the comment and will remove it if it does not adhere to or follow the rules of YouTube or the YouTube community guidelines.

That’s a great way to handle negative comments.

8. Use YouTube Settings To Determine How To Handle Comments

negative comments on youtube

This can also help to deal with the negative comments.

At the channel level, you can simply set default methods to deal with all your videos together.

How does this work?

Simply go to creator studio and select “upload defaults” <advanced settings <click on the dropdown menu in the comments section and then choose your options.

You will find “Allow all comments,” “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review,” “Hold all comments for review,” and “Disable comments.”

Choose whatever works best for you.

9. Use A Moderator For Your YouTube Comments

negative comments on youtube

If you find that the negative comments on your YouTube seem to be getting out of hand, you can get extra help, you do not have to do it all by yourself.

You can simply add a family member or a friend or maybe even a community member or someone on your team to flag negative comments for removal.

Once a comment is flagged, it will only appear on your feed again after you review it on your “Hold for review” section.

Don’t worry, it isn’t just you, every YouTuber gets this at some point in their career too.

10. Be Encouraged By The Positive Comments

negative comments on youtube

Don’t get all glum. 

Only about 1% of the comments you get on your videos are negative. 

99% of the comments you will get are positive feedback.

So, why let a miserly 1% outshine the 99% of good comments that you are getting?

If you think about it, it is not worth the concern.

You can make a screenshot of every good or great comment you get and emphasize the positive aspect, and use this to stay conscious every time you get the negative 1%.

After a while, you’ll stop anyway, because you will find that there are so many positive comments coming in so, ignore the miserable 1.

11. Specify A List Of Blocked Words

negative comments on youtube

You can also control the words that make it to your comment section

You can do this by filtering out words that are not proper or inappropriate keywords from your comment section. 

Then make a list of the words and pass them to your block word list.

What this does is that every time anyone comments using these words, YouTube will first send you the comment for moderation before it can appear publicly.

How do you access the blocked word list? 

Go to creator studio, then select settings from the left-hand menu and select “community,” then <automated filters and <blocked words.

That should help you check the trolls.

12. Some Negative Comments Carry Helpful Feedback

negative comments on youtube

The fact remains that not all negative comments are bad. 

Some could just be honest feedback that could help you get better.

Sometimes, the commentator has spotted something you may have missed and is trying to draw your attention to that.

13. Use The “Block” Option

negative comments on youtube

This is when you have had it. 

If you find or notice that a specific viewer keeps spamming your video with unrelated content or someone constantly trolls or leaves hateful comments on your videos, it may be time to use the block option.

They will not even know or notice you have blocked them.

Simply click on the three dots next to the comment and select “Hide user from channel.”


These are the tips that can come in handy when you have to deal with negative comments on your YouTube.

We believe this article has been helpful.

Leave us a comment!

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