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Promoted Products Or Posts

Weshare has started to accept promoted posts or products requests. All prices are available down below.

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All prices above are for yearly subscriptions, paid in full at the time of purchase. The final price will be seen in your invoice before your payment is completed.

Answers To Questions You Might Have

Why would I promote a product or post on Weshare?

Weshare is a blog with a wide audience including online teachers, entrepreneurs, social media influencer and more. Your brand will appear in authority articles, alongside the best brands in the world. Promoted products or posts attract thousands of views and clicks from decision makers and influential people from all around the web.

Can any product be promoted?

Only products that has been approved by our team can be promoted. Promoted Products is a unique and exclusive opportunity for quality products and brands to be discovered through Weshare’s blog.

Where do promoted products appear?

Your promoted product will appear as a highlighted section in one of our most popular articles.

Can you tell me more about Weshare’s blog?

Weshare’s blog is the place to discover more about online education and entrepreneurship, a community of teachers, social media influencers and starting entrepreneurs. It’s a global audience reaching more than 50 countries and thousands of people every month, eager to share and discover awesome guides and tutorials.

Is it possible to offer a discount to my product in the promotion?

Yes. As long as your product seems a good fit for our blog, we could add a deal that you might have to your promoted product.

Do I need to write anything?

No. Weshare will provide all content and materials. We can brainstorm together which topic will be your promoted post about.

Do you accept guest posts?

No. We no longer accept guest posts as a part of our blog.

For how long will it be promoted?

A promoted product or post will be in “promotion mode” for a year. The prices above are for 12 month period.

Who do you accept to promote posts?

A promoted post is a unique and exclusive opportunity for quality products and brands to be discovered through Weshare’s blog. We only accepts products or brands that has an audience similar to Weshare – online teachers, social media influencers and starting entrepreneurs.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

You can press the contact us button at the bottom of this page to ask us any additional questions you have.

How To Get Started

Weshare’s promotions were built to get you off the ground with your online promotion. We only partner with stratigic high quality businesses that share a common goal.

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