Top 17 Future Business Ideas In India

Learn about the top future business ideas for 2021 in India and how you can adopt these businesses and excel in them only with some little investment.

2020 is almost over and smart people are preparing for 2021. 

If you want to begin 2021 with a bang, especially in your finances, then you should consider venturing into profitable businesses that can boost your income while moving you quicker towards your financial freedom goal.

But just before you dive into the ocean of entrepreneurship, you might want to pause and reexamine the options. 

Not every business is viable if you are looking at scalability and ease of operations. 

You want to know what industry is profitable, what niche to settle for, and what business you should start.

If you are looking to position yourself for business opportunities in 2021 in India, then this article is for you!

The top trending businesses you can adopt in 2021 in India are related to finance, marketing, and online teaching. These top upcoming businesses in India include bookkeeping, influencer marketing, creating tutorials and becoming a YouTuber or an online tutor, as well as selling and maintaining websites. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most profitable future businesses with the most promising turnover in India.

Each business listed here is quick-growing and can be for you a good source of income whether you decide to do them full time or part-time.

Also, none of them requires huge capital to start up with. 

With the right information, strategies, and resourcefulness, you can start on any of them you choose to go for. 

You will find that most of them tilt under the area of online businesses and this is because the world has moved towards technology and has become one village with the use of the internet.

If you’re looking for an area to begin a business in, you should check out this list. 

You might even decide to start already in 2020 when you read through this article!

Let’s examine these opportunities.

1. Bookkeeping

business ideas for 2021 in India

When it comes to business ownership, bookkeeping and accounting are must-haves. 

For many entrepreneurs, money management is the very worst part of their business because they just don’t know how to do this.

This means that startups and small businesses are always on the lookout for anyone who is finance-savvy. 

Whether you are a licensed CPA or just a smartbooks wizard at accounting and bookkeeping, you might just qualify to help your fellow entrepreneurs get their books in order.

Bookkeeping as a business has a profit margin of about 19.8% and is a longstanding profitable business for entrepreneurs.

As a bookkeeper for the firm, you can attend to the invoices and payroll, compile expenses reports, and other stuff.

2. Affiliate Marketing

business ideas for 2021 in India

What is affiliate marketing? 

You simply get paid a finder’s fee or a commission. 

Affiliate marketing means that you become the middleman connecting buyers and sellers. 

You don’t own the products or want to buy, your job is just to be the bridge between the two sides.

You can find a referral business in which a niche website makes money through affiliate marketing.

You could also decide to create a website that generates leads for local businesses and get paid per lead.

You can build your online business by simply promoting other people’s products and selling them on your website. 

It can even evolve into you selling your online courses after a while. 

The goal is to ensure you build an audience of people who look up to you as an authority in that niche, they trust you enough to be their go-to advisor, so what you say goes.

This business is scalable, it has a strong passive income potential, can be diversified, and requires little to no customer service. 

3. eCommerce Stores

business ideas for 2021 in India

If you like the idea of selling online, then you might consider opening an online store to sell your products or you can resell the products you bought at another online store.

Just before you start, make sure to check out what your competitors are doing right so you can do better, and what they are doing wrong so you can avoid that.

Also aim to be customer-centric in your online store business.

4. Becoming A Freelancer

business ideas for 2021 in India

You can become a freelance writer and write for a specific niche

If for example, you are a medical practitioner, you can become a writer in that niche freelancing for health magazines and sites.

The moment you have domain expertise, people become willing to pay more for your expertise. 

Not only writing, but you can also freelance in other areas you are good at. 

It could be photography, graphic design, digital marketing, social media management, whatever area you major in.

5. Creating And Selling Digital Products

business ideas for 2021 in India

This is where you create and offer your digital products to an audience. 

Mostly information products or self-hosted software.

You simply create the product and sell it to the customer for a one-time fee, usually.

It can be an eBook; here you just have to write your book and sell it. 

You could also sell online courses, or create and sell mobile games, or even mobile apps. 

There’s no limit to what you can offer when it comes to digital products. 

Just pick an area you major in and get to work there.

6. Amazon FBA Program

Now, just a minute, what is Amazon FBA? 

Relax, Amazon FBA simply means “Fulfilled By Amazon.” 

In this industry, you simply buy cheap products from wholesalers and sell them at higher prices on Amazon.

You will need to deal with white labeled products, and ship them to Amazon fulfillment centers where they handle the shipping, packaging, and support for the products.

If you can outsource the inventory management and have an accountant to maintain your Amazon Seller Account while updating it regularly, this is a very lucrative source of passive income.

7. YouTube Channel

business ideas for 2021 in India

You can also consider starting a YouTube channel around a specific niche. 

According to Alexa, YouTube is the third most visited site next to Facebook. 

Videos convert better than other content forms and this is because they can create a bond with the audience.

All you need to do is choose a particular niche you’re good at, and research for some potential keywords that rank highest in the YouTube niche you have chosen. 

The keyword should have good traffic.

Treat your YouTube channel like a blog.

Make sure you update your channel regularly and serve your audience fresh videos.

Once your videos get good organic traffic or go viral, it will become a source of passive income for you.

8. Influencer Marketing

business ideas for 2021 in India

An influencer is simply someone with a large follower base on social media, usually seen as an expert in a certain area. 

If you are in this area, your job is to keep posting about those areas of your life and products you feel are good to possess.

This business idea is great because you often get paid to promote a business to your follower base, which is quite similar to affiliate marketing.

You can also consider starting a podcast or Vlogging with the influence you have.

9. Selling Websites

business ideas for 2021 in India

If people can buy and “flip” real estates, who says you can’t do the same with websites? 

Usually, in real estate, people buy a house or property for a relatively good price, then they fix it up and resell it for a great profit.

This also applies to websites. 

You can sell your own or simply buy somebody else’s and resell it.

This is also a good source of income.

10. Domain Selling

business ideas for 2021 in India

Now, domains have become online real estates. 

People have come to the understanding that if you need to purchase a good brandable .com domain name, you are going to have to pay premium money for it.

If you are considering going into this business, you need to pay attention to the latest trends in the market.

If you don’t study the market and see where the buzz is emerging, you may lose out in the long run.

Note also that going into domaining requires a huge investment in buying hundreds of domains and if even one is sold for a few thousands of dollars, you cash in big time.

11. Podcasting

business ideas for 2021 in India

This business is a great source of revenue. 

You can begin your podcast and as you grow it, offer paid sponsorship and sell your products and services.

Consistency will earn you the ears and trust of your listeners and this will make them more likely to buy from you anytime you have an offer.

12. Dropshipping

business ideas for 2021 in India

This is where you create an online store to sell other people’s products. 

This means that you do not do any of the manufacturing or shipping. 

Your job is just to sell, then you get a commission for each sale.

If you are afraid of the risk involved in buying up stock in a product and losing money, then this business will work better for you. 

The entry barrier is also low and you don’t have to invest so much to get started.

13. Online Tech Support

business ideas for 2021 in India

If you are a tech wiz, then this is a business opportunity for you. 

You could offer your skills for online tech support.

Whatever you decide, you can work with one-on-one clients or bigger companies.

A great place to regularly find tech support jobs is on Upwork.

14. Ad Management Services

business ideas for 2021 in India

In a competitive marketplace, any business that does not understand how to drive paid traffic and optimize conversions has to find someone who does, and that is a must. 

If you understand the fundamentals of paid advertising, then you can launch an Ad management business.

Considering that paid Ads are responsible for the growth of tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, you can position yourself as the Ads management solution to businesses and reap massive revenues from doing this.

15. Coaching

business ideas for 2021 in India

More and more people are willing to pay for professional coaching and consulting services because they understand its value.

What better way to succeed at something than to learn from someone excelling at it? 

There’s a high demand for coaches in specific areas like health, relationships, and life. 

Even if you do not fall into these areas, so far as you can take people from point A to B on their evolution journey, whatever that journey is, then you can make great income offering coaching services.

You can start your online courses or consultation services and this can be a fantastic way to make more income in your business.

16. Tutoring

business ideas for 2021 in India

Similar to the previous business idea, tutoring is a great business idea for making profits in 2021.

If you have an area of interest and you can tutor people in that area you have become an expert in, then you qualify to be a tutor.

Ask anybody around and they can tell you that life is too short to learn everything by yourself, and this is why we all need tutors.

This understanding makes more and more people willing to spend money to acquire skills and knowledge in certain areas of their lives and if you can fill in this knowledge gap, then this business is for you.

17. SEO Services

business ideas for 2021 in India

Every year, the ability to appear organically and relevantly on search engines like Google is becoming more competitive and lucrative.

Considering that about 40% of people click on the first search results that appear organically on the first page, this is something many businesses need.

If you are adept at SEO, you can capitalize on this opportunity and build a successful business with it.


We hope you found this article useful. 

Now that you have read through this article, have you found a business opportunity you would like to position yourself to take advantage of? 

 Kindly leave a comment below!

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