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Make money month after month with 30% recurring commissions. Every payment is securely processed and promptly deposited into your PayPal account, ensuring a steady stream of income.

Example: Earning $500 in a Month

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Join our affiliate program and earn lifetime commissions.

Every time a user subscribes to our premium plans using your unique link, you'll get ongoing payments.

It's easy to add up the numbers: just check out this table for an example on how to make over $500 in one month.

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Plan Comm. period Price Commission
Monthly Premium Every MONTH $ 15.00 $ 4.50
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Monthly Premium Every MONTH $ 15.00 $ 4.50
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Annual Premium Every YEAR $ 120.00 $ 36.00
Total earnings:
$ 513.00

Weshare's affiliate program perks

Lifetime earnings

Tap into the potential of your network and get rewarded for promoting Weshare with generous commissions.

Each time one of your referrals commits to a monthly or annual plan, you will receive a 30% commission.

An ongoing stream of income is yours when users stay subscribed through your link.

High and quick conversions

With a generous 5 day free trial, users can get to experience all the features that our platform has to offer, and it seems they're loving it!

Over two-thirds of subscribers sign up within the first day - an incredible result from those 24 hours.

No approval process

Ready to become an affiliate? Creating an affiliate account is fast and easy, with instant approval - no delays!

Copy one of our provided example refferal links from your affiliate dashboard for a quick start.

Prepared promo materials

Give your visitors an interactive, personalized experience with customizable static and dynamic banners.

Get creative by changing the title, color theme or size of the dynamic banner to best suit your website's needs.

Super user-friendly scheduling software

With an intuitive UI & UX, our appointment scheduling software seamlessly works with newbies and experienced professionals alike.

It offers effortless operations to empower users in managing bookings effortlessly while providing a ton of powerful features!

Customer education

Helping businesses reach their potential is what our platform does best.

We provide step-by-step guidance and video tutorials to empower users in growing their digital presence.

From getting the most out of case studies, or ideating ingenious tips & tricks - you can find it all on our blog!

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Frequantly Asked Questions:

What is the commission rate?

When you refer a user to us you'll receive 30% of their subscription cost for life - no matter how many times they renew.And don't worry: if your friend gets a discount or upgrade to higher plan, the commission is changed accordingly.

How about cookies expiration?

Cookies expire 30 days after the link has been clicked. Make sure your referred users subscribe to our premium plans on the 30-day window.
If they don't subscribe with a link including your affiliate ID within this time frame, you'll miss out on the commission - even if they subscribe to one of our paid plans later.
Never let another person's affiliation get in front of yours!

When do I get paid?

You get paid every month for reffering users to our platform. We'll make sure you get your commissions, but to prevent any self-referrals we only payout when two or more people join in via your referrals.

Do you have any promo materials I can use?

Promotional materials like static and dynamic affiliate banners are now available.
Easily customize the banner's title, color theme and size according to what suits you best; all located in the Promo materials section!

What are your restricted affiliate activities?

To ensure that our affiliate program is equitable for everyone, there are a few actions which we must restrict:
  • Coupon sites.
  • PPC advertising with a direct link leading to any Weshare website (including all the tools and landing pages)
  • Using any Weshare brand, logo or name of the tools or their misspelled versions in PPC advertising, in domains, subdomains, or in profiles on social media
  • Using misleading or incorrect information (non-existent discounts, etc.)
  • Using discount coupons that are not assigned to you
  • The so-called 'self-referrals' (when you create another account while referring yourself)
Disregarding these restricted activities could put your commissions in danger and risk the termination of any partnerships. Make sure to familiarize yourself with them to ensure a successful collaboration!

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